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Title says all, really.
I conclude my message.

Yeah, yeah, sorry for my absence. Mentally (and physically) preparing for school and personal issues have kept me away for some time, so my humblest apologies if I forgot to thank people or delayed responding to comments.

Oh, and I got tagged! Don't worry, the chance of this happening more than once every 50 years is low, so these won't clutter your messages. 
Got tagged by this guy! :iconyuew123: He's absolutely swell, and if anyone reads this, check him out.
Here goes:

    1. How are you today?
    2. What's your favorite video game?
Oh boy. This is tough, as my tastes span multiple genres and every platform and generation has it's merits. 
I'll whittle it down to my favorite platform and favorite genre to prevent a seven page essay on limitations, polish, game feel and graphical design. That being said, definitely the original Castlevania.
    3. Favorite deviation by me?
At this point, Famicom family video tournament. By far. The amount of detail and polish is really impressive. Pixel grumps and your rework of Mesmerizer are a distant second.
    4. What's your own favorite deviation?
To be honest, I'm only satisfied with a drawing if it goes above and beyond my previous one. As J.F. Handel said, the fireplace is an artist's best friend. So yeah, now it's definitely Entwined. (
    5. Hardest/most difficult piece of artwork you've worked on?
The hardest was probably also my worst, this being my drawing of MU and Morgan. The line art was on too small a scale and with too thin a pen, so I screwed up. Big time. I keep it up here as a reminder of how much my inkings have improved over time, no link provided out of shame.
    6. Who's your favorite deviant?
Gee, hard to say. Purely in terms of quality, I'd have to say :365-DaysOfDoodles:. His output comes at a near unrivaled rate (duh), and the quality of his inking and creativity of his subject matter is stunning every single day.
    7. Are these questions boring?
Do raspberries blow raspberries? I rest my case.
    8. Favorite genre of music?
Jazz in general, really. I have very broad tastes, but Jazz really sticks out as number one.
    9. Did you enjoy this tag?
Verily, thanks so much for tagging me!
    10. Anything you want to say?
Altoids in a blender make for a great distraction in that the wrenching pain in your gut will keep you from doing anything else.
Hi mom!

I tag :iconspelunksicle:, :iconskittlefuck: and :icongenevievemeuniere:
This should be interesting.

My questions:
1. Are you annoyed that I tagged you?
2. Favorite flavor of pie? 
3. Your own favorite deviation?
4. What a shameless plug. Humble yourself with your worst/least favorite deviation.
5. Better. How about your second favorite song?
6. Least favorite instrument?
7. Give me your thoughts on oatmeal.
8. Splendid. What brought you to dA and what kept you here?
9. Improvise a Stantler and Waldorf scenario. You know you want to.
10. Anything else?

That's a David Bowie reference.

Christ, Cowboy Bebop, stop being so friggin' awesome.
  • Listening to: Keith Jarret: the Koln concert
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: Metal Storm
  • Eating: A block of cheese
  • Drinking: altoids in a blender
Recently I've purchased Matal Storm, a fine hidden gem for the NES. And geez, emphasis on the hidden part. On every single 'top ten most underrated NES games' I've found, this game is not included. Why nobody's heard of it I cannot say, but I hope now that the grumps have played it it'll garner a broader audience. Truly this game is among the best platformers on the system, and if you know the NES you'll know that's saying something.


The intuitive level design, the fresh ideas that hold up even by today's standards, the perfect controls...
Play this game.

    PS: WIP, because apparently I haven't forgotten how to hold a pencil
  • Listening to: Jontron YTPMV's
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: ... metal storm
  • Drinking: test tube babies


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Daniel Van Gele
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I've often been mistaken for Lindsey Graham, yes.
- Socrates



Black and white inking, A4
Comatose Tranquility by ChauvinistCabbage
Entwined by ChauvinistCabbage
You may have won the battle... by ChauvinistCabbage
Unleashed by ChauvinistCabbage
Carolers by ChauvinistCabbage
Imminent Battle by ChauvinistCabbage
Let's be honest: I don't need points.  I simply want to improve my drawing skills, and inspiration generally doesn't grow on trees. So long as you're specific on what you want, I'll be happy to draw it for free. Just send me a note!




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